Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Close to the Wind by Jon Walter

When we meet Malik and his grandfather, they are escaping a war zone. They've made their way to the port under cover of darkness and they can see the humanitarian aid ship in the dock. Malik believes his mother will need a ticket too, even though no-one has seen her since she was taken by the soldiers three days ago. Fortunately, Papa has a plan, although it's going to take some courage, money and connections to get his grandson to safety. 

Close to the Wind shows us war from the perspective of a modern 10 year old boy, not battlefields or bodies, just the frightening and confusing reality that many urban refugees continue to face during political upheaval. The book does not name the country that Malik is escaping from, nor the details of the source of the conflict, this allows us to concentrate on Malik's tender-hearted character and his responses with the detail he and others like him deserve.

Published by David Fickling books May 26, 2015

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